The first watch 400 îChr

The first watch… 

400îChr. This watch was a kind of rudimentary sundial. </ em>
It is not known exactly whether it was invented by the Chinese or Caledonians. </ Em>
The first clock - the Hourglass with Water - was invented around 3000 BC. She has known various improvements for setting and indicating the time. The weight watch and pendulum 999. It is attributed to  Gerbert d’Aurillac  who was pope under the name of Sylvester II. This watch was mounted on a tower in Magdeburg, Germany. 

Public clocks with the automatic triggering of the hammer to indicate the time are reported around 1256. In 1288 such a clock was installed on the Wesminster Hall building in London. 

Portable clock with spring - 1410 is attributed to the architect Florentin Brunelleschi (1377 - 1446). </ Em>
This invention allowed people to have a watch, a watch. </ Em>
In 1580 the industrial production of watches began in Switzerland. </ Em>
The pendulum clock - 1657 - was developed by the Dutch astronomer Christian Huygens (1629-1695). 
In 1675, the Dutchman invented the spiral swing oscillator, an invention that is still used today. 
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