Bracelet watch-1904

Bracelet watch-1904…

This solution is claimed by two inventors: the Frenchman Louis Cartier, who made a wristwatch in 1904 for the aviator Santos Dumont and the Swiss Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex. </ Em>
In 1910 Rolex developed the wristwatch. </ Em>
The first automatic arm bracelet watches were patented in 1924 by H. Cutte and J. Haword. Quartz Clock - 1920. Research into the use of quartz as a resonator for clocks began in 1920. 

In 1929, American watchmaker Warren Alvin Marrison developed a clock operating with a resonator of this type. </ Em>
It is recalled that the piezoelectric properties of quartz were presented in 1817 by Abbot Hauy, the founder of crystallography, and demonstrated experimentally by Pierre and Jacques Curie in 1880, who discovered piezoelectricity. </ Em>
Work in this area was continued by Gabriel Lippmann, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1908.
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